[SharkyCTF] Pain in the ass

Points: 181 Category: Forensics Author: grmmpff

[PwnAdventure3] Blocky's Revenge

Points: 400 Category: Choose your Pwn Adventure Author: sheidan

[Ritsec CTF 2018] Yet Another HR Management Framework

Points: 250 Category: Pwn Author: Dagger

[Ritsec CTF 2018] Gimme sum fud

Points: 100 Category: Pwn Author: Dagger

[P.W.N. CTF 2018] Fanboyism

Points: 150 Category: misc Author: vladz

[P.W.N. CTF 2018] Exploitation class

Points: 200 Category: Exploitation Author: Dagger

[TJCTF 2018] Bricked Binary

Points: 80 Category: Reverse Author sheidan

[TJCTF 2018] Mirror Mirror

Points: 100 Category: Miscellaneous Author: sheidan

[Viettel Mates CTF 2018] Revenge of the Unexp

Points: 300 Category: Exploitation Author: vladz